The Greatest Problem Single Mothers Face Is. . .

What's the biggest problem single mothers face?

What’s the biggest problem single mothers face?


How would you complete this sentence: The greatest problem single moms face is ______________________________.  I’ll be writing an article on the greatest hurdle(s) single mothers face and want to know what you think.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

6 thoughts on “The Greatest Problem Single Mothers Face Is. . .

  1. I read your article in the View just now. I am 69 years old and can clearly remember when I was three and asked the question as we were driving our beloved “ironing lady” home as to why White peoples’ homes were always nicer than colored peoples.’ The car went dead silent and I knew I had made a mistake, and then both my mother and the lady commenced to tell me that I was not right in my assumption, and that someday they would take me to Mandy’s home and show me. I have never been so embarrassed before or since. I definitely knew I had said the wrong thing. And I was embarrassed because my mother was trying so hard to say the right thing.

    • Hello Jane,
      Yes, three-year olds are very curious and have not yet learned social graces.

      I was touched reading about your experience. For one, you were asking an honest question based upon your unveiled observations. You knew you had said something that made your mom and the other woman uncomfortable. Yet, your intent was to get an answer to a purely inquisitive question. For your mom, she must have felt sandwiched between embarrassment and anguish. And your ironing lady surely felt a variety of emotions including embarrassment, hurt and maybe even anger — not at you perhaps, but at her circumstances.

      Your experience reminds me of the beautiful innocence of children and that if taken for face value, their honest questions could lead to honest dialogue and fruitful soul searching. For that I am grateful, despite the embarrassment. Thank you for sharing your story. It really touched my heart.

      For those who did not see the referenced article in Georgetown View Magazine, you can find it in the next post

    • Hello Jane,
      Thank you so much for your comment and for sharing your experience. Please see posts below for follow up comments.

  2. The column you did in this month’s Georgetown View had me laughing out loud–and my husband, too! I have to tell you about the time I embarrassed my mom when I was little. We used to live in a very small town that had community picnics for 4th of July. My mother warned me not to eat any of the numerous potato salads available. She meant that the heat sometimes makes such salads “iffy” and eating an iffy salad might bring on food poisoning. As I want through the line with my plate, a lady asked me if I wanted a helping of her potato salad. I said, “No, my mom says that’s poison!” And I declared this very decidedly. When my mom found out, she had a lot of tactful explaining to do to that woman!

    • OMG! That must have been so embarrassing especially since people take such pride in their homemade dishes! Do you eat potato salad today?

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