Archive | September 2010

Little Deposits

Hello friends,

I’ll be giving a speech on how I became a magazine editor. And in preparation, I remembered all the deposits other people have made in my life to encourage me along the way. Especially older people. In particular, I remember my aunt who since I was a child, inspired me to dream and to believe in my dreams. She shared her dreams with me to become a singer. She said, “I’m going to start a girls’ group like the Supremes. Only we’ll be called the Fawns and will come out on stage wearing cute deer outfits.” At four years old, my imagination ignited and suddenly, doing great things became possible. Is there anyone in your life whose little deposits have helped to make you who you are?

We still care what mom says.

Lynn commented that even though she is 40+, she still cares what her mother thinks about her parenting. This makes sense to me because we care about any teacher we respect. And that’s just what moms are; teachers. God gave us all, even the most confident of us, a need for approval, especially from those we esteem. Moms are often the disciplinarians and with that, I believe, comes a desire to make proud the person who has given us the most correction. I think this is a good thing, especially if Mom was a good role model.